Vacation Care

Allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their home.  They will have a better experience staying in their familiar surroundings than they would staying in a kennel or going to an unfamiliar environment. Some animals, especially cats, are especially sensitive to environmental changes and would enjoy visits from a caring and qualified pet-sitter.

Our vacation visits are fully customized to your pet's needs. Your pet sitter will spend every moment making sure they are following your pet’s specific routines and providing them with attention, playtime and plenty of love. After each visit your pet sitter will send you an electronic journal (with pictures!) so you can enjoy your vacation worry free knowing your babies are happy and healthy.


Vacation service includes feeding, walks, playtime, snuggles, scooping the litter box for kitties, bringing in the mail and newspaper, watering plants, and of course love, and playtime. If your pet is on medication there is no additional charge, we want them to stay healthy.


Vacation Care Menu


Vacation Visits

30 minutes    22.


45 minutes    28.


60 minutes    35.


*Multiple Pet Household: Up to four animals, + 3. for each animal over four

Slumber Party
Great option for pets who will miss snuggling in bed with you. 
We can provide them with comfort and companionship when you don't want your pets to be alone overnight.

Eight hours     10PM-6AM   100. per night
Twelve hours  8PM-8AM    150. per night

* All vacation services incur an $8 per visit premium