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Thank you for submitting your pet care request. We will contact you within 48 hours to schedule a meet and greet appointment. In the meantime, here is some information to help you prepare for the meet and greet. 


What should I expect during the meet and greet?

The pet-sitter(s) will visit you at your home. During this consultation we take time to learn the routine and care needs of your pet and familiarize ourselves with your pet's environment. Taking the time to review all of these details allows us to provide customized care. We will provide you with a Welcome Guide that includes helpful information to make the process as easy as possible for you.

How much does the Meet and Greet cost? 

Meet and Greets are complimentary. 


How will you access my home?

We prefer not take possession of client keys. We prefer to use lock boxes, garage codes, electronic locks, and condo/apartment concierge key check out. 

Another benefit to one of these options is avoiding arranging key pick ups and drop offs, which are $15 each.


More about the different home access options

1) Lockbox 

There are many benefits of a lockbox:

· Your keys stay on your property.

· A back up sitter can get immediate access to your home.

· No need for keys to be moved from sitter to sitter.

· Your key will always be available in case of lock out.

· Eliminates risk of key theft from sitter’s car, purse, or home. 

You can purchase a lockbox from us for $20. You are also welcome to purchase your own if you prefer.

Lock boxes should be placed in a secure location, out of the elements, and easily accessible by your sitter. If you are in a condo or apartment building verify that you are allowed to place a lockbox.

We require that there are two keys in the lockbox. We require two keys so we are prepared in the event of a lockout. Occasionally keys get stuck in locks, or even break in half when turning in the lock. While rare, it does happen, and we want to prepared to care for your pets in the event that it does.


2) Garage Door / Keyless Electronic Lock

Garage doors and keyless locks are great. keep in mind they can malfunction if there is a power outage, dead batteries, or a malfunction in the devices. If you are going to be using us for a vacation service we will require a lockbox in addition to the garage code so that we are prepared in the event of a malfunction.


3) Concierge

Some apartments and condos have a concierge desk that will allow us to check your key in and out. Verify that your concierge is available during the hours you will be requesting service.

Reservation System

After scheduling the meet and greet we will email you your log in information so you can access our online reservation system. You will be able to schedule services, create pet profiles, add home details, and enroll in automatic bill pay.


We are looking forward to working with you!

Milwaukee Pet Services


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