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About our dog walkers and pet sitters


Great pet care begins with great people.  We’ve spent a lot of time learning how to find the best dog walkers and pet-sitters.  It’s about their empathy toward animals and their compassion for pet parents who are separated from their beloved animals- if only for a day at work, or for a month long journey to another country. In addition to these qualities, we conduct a thorough background investigation.





Our background investigation includes the following;

Milwaukee dog walker pet-sitter cat vacation

Pre-Employment Screening

We utilize Personnel Evaluation Inc, one of the nation's premier security firms in our selection process.  All our candidates take the Personnel Evaluation Profile, the PEP is one of the finest pre-employment screening tools available. The candidates responses provide us with direct insight to the applicant’s general character and value system, information that may not be found in a standard interview or reference checking.


Security Interview
Our security firm has an investigator conduct a security interview for each applicant. It is one of the most accurate and effective pre-employment screening methods available. It is designed to obtain the real truth from job applicants, not just what they would like you to believe.


Reference Checks

Our security firm conducts reference checks to verify information obtained throughout the interview process.


Background Check

Candidates must pass a criminal background check.



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