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We adore dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, and scaly friends. To us, there is nothing more enjoyable than getting to spend time with our pet friends. We are passionate about pets and the care they receive. We get to dote on them, love them, and ensure they are spoiled, healthy, and happy. We pride ourself on providing five star service to the pets and their pawrents. It's a privledge to care for so many awesome pets, and we take that responsibility very seriously. We expect everyone that works with us to do the same, and go above and beyond to ensure the safety and happiness of the pets in our care. If you adore pets as much as we do, check out the job description below.

Our assignments provide part-time work and typically supplement an existing income. Pet sitting can be a great supplemental income for those who would like to earn around $200-$300 a week.

Position title: Pet-Caretaker

Reports to: Owner and Team Leader

Position summary:

As a pet-caretaker you will spend your time caring for pets by giving them exercise, playtime, and attention along with pet care chores. You will spend most of your time walking and playing with dogs and playing with cats. Additionally, you will complete chores such as; feeding, watering, cleaning up any messes they have made, scooping litter boxes, picking up poop, and administering medication. Home care chores; mail and newspaper pick up, trash removal, light+blind/curtain rotation, house plant care, and light cleaning duties such as wiping counters, sweeping/vacuuming the floor, washing pet dishes, etc. After each visit you will type a short narrative of your visit with the pets and send this, and pictures of their pets, to the client through a phone app. 


We visit clients from 6AM-11PM, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Pet pawrents' schedules and requests change frequently, you must be flexible and able to adapt to schedule changes as they occur. 

We require our pet-caretakers to be available nights, weekends, and holidays.

You will be spending a lot of time being outdoors with the dogs, so must be comfortable working outdoors in all weather conditions. 


Essential Duties

  • Walk and play with dogs, from tiny to XL.

  • Enforce basic obedience commands and proper leash walking behaviors.

  • Play with and pet cats.

  • Feed and refresh water.

  • Clean up any pet messes.

  • Pick up poop, clean litter-boxes.

  • Clean and refresh any pet cages, enclosures, or tanks. 

  • Observe pets' attitude and behavior, be aware of any unusual changes that could indicate illness or injury. 

  • Administer medication to the pets as needed.

  • Administer first aid and/or CPR if needed.

  • Transport pet to a veterinarian in the event of an emergency. 

  • Manage clients’ needs and preferences with a commitment to providing a superior level of care.

  • Check in and out of your visits using our phone app. 

  • Take pictures of the pets using your phone.

  • Compose a brief, detailed, and illustrative narrative about your visit with the pets and send to pawrents.

  • Read and follow pet care instructions in the phone app.

  • Light home chores; vacuum, sweep, wash pet dishes, take out garbage, clean counters, etc. 

  • Maintain security of clients home by locking doors, alternating blinds and lights, and gathering mail, etc. 

  • Meet with new or current clients in their home to review pet care instructions. 


  • Certification in pet first aid and CPR, or be willing to obtain certification. 

  • General knowledge of dog and cat breeds, behavior and health. 

  • General knowledge of basic dog training and proper leash dog walking.

  • Experience administering medications to dogs and cats. 

  • Experience caring for pets, preferably in a professional setting.

  • Experience interacting with customers in a professional setting.

  • Professional pet care experience preferred. 


  •  Must be available nights and weekends. 

  •  Available on holidays; Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve/ Day. 

  •  Must have reliable transportation.

  •  Must have a smart phone to clock in and out of your visits on a phone app. 

  •  Must be able to pass a security interview and background check. 

Skills and Abilities

  • Must be in physical condition to walk at least 6 miles per day (about 3 hours).

  • Must be able to work in varying weather conditions. 

  • Work independently and follow through on assignments with minimal direction. 

  • Perform effectively under conditions of fluctuating workload. 

  • Adapt to frequent changes in workload. 

  • Able to complete assignments with attention to detail and accuracy. 

  • Write grammatically correct routine correspondence. 

  • Ability to remain professional and courteous with customers at all times.

Personality Traits 

  • Loves dogs and cats​​- Adores them!

  • Enjoys being outside- You'll be walking a lot of dogs.

  • Enthusiastic- We are a positive and upbeat company, we need amazing people who match our enthusiasm.

  • Organized- Ability to effectively manage time and workload effectively to meet deadlines. 

  • Self reliant- Pet-caretakers work alone, they need to be able to depend on their own skills and judgment.

  • Strong work ethic- Be at work on time, do what you were hired to do, meet deadlines, and give your best every day.

  • Flexible- The only thing that remains the same is change, especially when accommodating ever changing pet parents schedules. Calmly adapt as circumstances require. 

  • Humorous- Clever well-timed humor demonstrates intelligence and that you can put others at ease. Our clients LOVE our creative and often humorous pet journals. A dog who looks like Mel Gibson, traveling poops, and conversations with the cats, we have fun!


  • Must have a minimum of a high school diploma. Post secondary education preferred

  • Preference given to candidates with degrees or certificates in fields related to domestic pet care. 


To apply, complete the application by clicking here

You can also email your resume to 

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