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Dog Walking

It’s not just a dog walk. It’s a pet parent’s support system. We provide your pet with friendship, exercise and lots of love. We provide you with peace of mind.


We use GPS tracking when our dog walkers check in and out of your visit on our phone application. This is an extra level of assurance so you can feel secure knowing your pooch is getting the attention they crave. After each walk your walker will send you an electronic journal (with pictures!) describing your pet’s visit, including a pee and poo report. We pay close attention to your dog’s health and behavior, and we’re always fine tuning their leash manners for you. Our dog walkers are professional, accountable, and appreciate your dog as a companion and equal.


Premier Pet Parents get $1 off every dog walk!
Premier Pet Parents are clients who get 3 or more walks a week and on a reoccurring schedule with weekly billing and a valid card on file for payment.


Dog Walk Menu

Standard Dog Walk (30 min)    27.

Perfect to get your dog some exercise, a bathroom break and companionship to look forward to while you’re away.

*26. for Premier Pet Parents! 


Extended Dog Walk (45 min)    33.

Ideal for dogs who need to burn off energy!

*32. for Premier Pet Parents! 


Super Dog Walk (60 min)          41.

Great choice for very energetic dogs.  

*40. for Premier Pet Parents! 

Potty Breaks (20 min)               22.

Perfect choice for puppies learning housetraining skills.

*21. for Premier Pet Parents! 

*Holiday visits incur an $8 per visit premium



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